Thursday, June 20, 2013

Family Medicine: Tension Matters

A creative tension should develop in relationships over time.  So it should be in the relationship between Patient and Family Physician.  As we develop the creative tension in the Patient-Physician dyad, we can make better decisions and feel more protective of each other.

How to develop the tension?  RECOGNIZE the uniqueness in each other.  HONOR each other and the scarce, valuable resources at your disposal.  ASK open ended questions that include words like how, what and why.  RESPOND to each other.  DISAGREE politely.  AGREE honestly.  RESPECT the relationship, and each other and the context of engagement.  REFLECT on the relationship and decisions made in the context of the relationship.  RETURN.

More later, unique readers.


  1. Total agreement! Without some tension, we can't benefit from each other's observations.

  2. I just posted this to the Arete Party group on Facebook h You've described the type of interchange we hope to catalyze in the area of governance. It's easy to polarize. It's far more difficult to work through the tension, but it is also far more valuable, satisfying and unifying. Thanks for a beautiful, simple post.