Friday, June 28, 2013

Direct Family Medicine: Let Patients Do Their Own Charting/ Coding in EHR

OK, let's allow patients to do their own charting.  We can agree on a format to facilitate mutual understanding and sharing of information on the process of care including the differential diagnosis of the physician.  Physicians will enter information about their clinical processes, including the development and evaluation of their differential diagnosis.  Weighing of information should be shared.  Goals, dreams and values of patients would be important aspects of their charting.  Likewise, physician values would enter into the decision making process.

HIPAA:  Let patients opt in or out according to their desire, encounter by encounter.

Licensure:  Physicians will maintain a moral, ethical and legal context of their practice and relationships with patients.

EHR:  Patient has a portal for an agreed to level of access, but not for alteration of information.

How do you think such an approach would work?

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  1. If patient-centering is really the goal, your suggestions comprise the future. Current practices that intend to protect patients actually erect barriers between patients, their perceptions, and their preferences. None of this is difficult to do technically. Unfortunately, by narrowing our focus to cost alone, we are actually increasing costs. The system enacts protective processes a patient may not care to have implemented. Many still claim patients don't really understand what's going on. Does anyone in healthcare?!?