Monday, June 3, 2013

Family Medicine: Drug Samples May Be Costly to Patients

Drug samples are often offered to physicians by pharmaceutical companies, either by a pharmaceutical rep in person or via sign up online or mail in form.  The cheapest new drug starts at about $150 per month, with more of them being over $200 per month.  The combination inhalers may go for $350 per month.  So how free do the samples look if they set you up for a high monthly expense.  "But I have great insurance which will pay for the drug" you might add.

Your insurance generally won't let you have access to the new drug unless they know you've taken  a generic drug and the "covered" brand names first with documented failure or intolerable side effects.  Then your physician must submit a document to the insurance company stating your side effects or reactions to the medication.  THEN they may cover the medication.

So, watch out for samples.  Nothing is free.

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