Friday, September 28, 2012

FMEC: The Innovator's Network Tweaks the Future of Family Medicine

I'm at the Family Medicine Education Consortium, Inc. annual meeting pre-meeting session called The Innovator's Network.  Wow, Folks!  Exciting and somewhat overwhelming.

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Direct Primary Care:  What happens when it's all about the Patient and Physician?; Elder Power!  A program that helps seniors remain in their homes, connected to their Families, Friends and Communities; Sharp Health Care:  Advanced Illness and End Stage Disease Management; Project ECHO:  Strengthening the Capacity of Primary Care by building a Collaborative Relationship with Sub-Specialty Clinicians; The Oxbow EMR:  Designed by and for Family Physicians; The Super Utilizer Project were presented in the first part of the day.  The room suddenly overflowed with young FMEC meeting attendees at the start of the Super Utilizer presentation by Jeffery Brenner, MD.
Onward for innovation! 

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