Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Family Medicine: Heart to Heart with America on 9/11

Today we're heart to heart with our fellow Americans.  Prayerful and open-hearted, Family Physicians reflect your concerns about your values, goals and dreams on this unique day in American history.  We're with you. We hurt, too, but less and less each year as we start to reconcile 9/11/2011 with other aspects of our lives and those of our patients, their families, their communities and our nation.

This used to be the anniversary of Pete Rose record-setting 1492nd hit to break Ty Cobb's record.  We're remembering Pete's hit again 27 years later, but through the national 9/11 "filter".  It's slowly becoming the anniversary for other events.  My son and daughter-in-law were married on this date two years ago, painting the date with young love and commitment.  And other lives move ahead.

Each will live today in their own way, most through the memory of a shared American experience that touches us forever.  Peace.

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