Friday, August 3, 2012

The Olympics, Patients and the Human Spirit

Twitter goes wild with Olympic Tweets.  Staying up until 2 AM leads to sluggishness the next day.  Gabby Douglas, the gymnast has 51,000 fans on Facebook as of August 1st. Now that she won the gold medal for all around best female gymnast.  Patients have their favorite Olympic situations and great pride in America via the Olympic Gold Medalists and many others.  Swimming events and women's gymnastics are the most notable so far.  The running and jumping events start tomorrow.  More stars, glory, victories, disasters, failures.  Stay tuned.

We're getting a few more patients who can't pay or don't pay.  A few more are unemployed and can't find the next job.  Smoldering joblessness generates fatigue and stress.  Families are being squeezed.  People are tired.  They will rally, though.  I've seen the stamina of their spirit, and felt it.  It's impressive and heartening.  It becomes part of the heart of family physicians.  They show us again and again.  We love it. Thanks, folks.

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