Monday, July 30, 2012

Direct Family Medicine: Too good to Be True- So Far

How are we doing with the conversion to Membership-based Direct Family Medicine?  After three weeks of being closed to all insured new patients, we have no takers for Direct Family Medicine.  Several reasons are likely:  My staff may not "buy" it yet, or it's too confusing to quickly tell new patients how it works, or they don't like the concept, or they have insurance and don't qualify.

What do we do next?  Market to a specific group of people who don't want their insurance to include Family Medicine care.  Who are these people?  We aren't sure, since we can only take 200 of them in family units, or about 65-75 families.  We'll figure it out this week.

Our friend, the Center for Innovation in Family and Community Medicine is working on setting up a network such as Health Access Rhode Island to connect like minded practices.  There are at least four Direct Primary Care practices in Ohio so far.

More later.

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