Thursday, August 23, 2012

Male Wellness, Leg Cramps, Limb Movement, Human Trafficking

Here's a summary of the main elements of my BlogTalk Radio broadcast August 21, 2012.  The show covers a variety of health care blogs, tweets and medical review articles with some discussion.  Starting with an introduction and disclaimer, Dr Synonymous (A. Patrick Jonas, MD) notes an exception to the usual show format.  Sea Spray's patient blog about children, a dog and POOP is the only patient blog tonight.  Medical articles from American Family Physician and The Journal of Family Practice are the main focus, starting with an AFP overview of the "Adult Well Male Examination".  Discussion moves to Nocturnal Leg Cramps, then to Periodic Limb Movement Disorder and their diagnosis and treatment.  Brief comments about a Food Allergy slipped in to introduce a topic that I'll cover in a week or two.

Dr Jonas lastly comments about Human Trafficking, a modern slave industry with shocking dimensions.  Motivated by Pastor Terry Heck of Bellbrook United Methodist Church who is active in trying to eliminate this human disaster, Dr Jonas reviews the definition of Human Trafficking and gives an introduction to the topic.  I believe that Family Physicians have a role to play in prevention of Human Trafficking, starting with awareness. Addressing the issue of pornography, especially on the internet is another prevention strategy.  Human Trafficking in the sex trade leads many to become trapped in chemical dependency, prostitution and depression.  What do you know about the problems we have in Ohio and the rest of the nation in Human Trafficking?

More will follow.

Dr Synonymous on BlogTalk Radio August 21, 2012

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