Monday, January 30, 2012

Risks in Medical Care: Understanding Benefits and Harms

The Dr Synonymous Show Tuesday January 31 8-9 PM ET on Blog Talk Radio.

You're welcome to join us as Dr Jonas, your host on The Dr Synonymous Show, reviews two patient blogs, Medical Mojave-Why Everything Tastes Like Soap to Me: The Correlation Between Hyperolfaction and Adrenal Insufficiency  and Anaphylaxing-Still Friable
 as is our tradition before introducing:

Daniel E. Jonas, MD, MPH Associate Director RTI-UNC EPC* and Assistant Professor, Division of General Medicine, UNC-CH will be our special guest.  He will clarify and expand on Risks in Medical Care, including comments on ethical aspects of patients and physicians communications about benefits and harms of medical diagnostic and therapeutic practices and procedures.

We're currently being exposed to confusing health statistics that make clinical decision making much more difficult and costly than need be.  What are some ways this is happening?  How might we patients and physicians get more clarity and better understanding of health statistics that impact our decisions?

We'll review these issues and many others on this show which is stored as a pod cast to download or listen to 24/7 shortly after completion of the live show.

Join us live via the chat room which enables continuous listener participation (if you have a BTR listener registration-which is easy and free).

Confession:  Dr Jonas is my son (of whom I'm quite proud) so I may be biased (or we may have a few family comments during the show).

*Research Triangle Institute International- University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Evidence-Based Practice Center

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