Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Dr Synonymous Show: New Year, New Energy on Blog Talk Radio

Dr Synonymous Review:Blog, Day of Breath, EMWave, FMRocks - Jan 04,2012

This post summarizes my Health Care Blog review and discussion, which started with patient blogs of Dr Fatty Finds Fitness, Medical Mojave, and Warm Socks

Physician blogs starting with Dr Mike Sevilla's Family Medicine rocks (FMRocks) who challenges us to "re-brand" for the New Year. 

Dr Jonas (aka, Dr Synonymous) is analyzIng his "coherence" with EMWave Desktop during the first 20 minutes of the show, basically getting feedback on his stress. He discusses the concept of coherence and their software (available at that is endorsed by the PGA and used in a variety of settings, including medical and counseling environments. 

Dr Jonas introduces "A Day Of Breath" Workshop:
From the Dayton International Peace Museum Newsletter: "On January 14, 2012, 9am-3pm The Dayton International Peace Museum will be cosponsoring A DAY OF BREATH. The daylong workshop will offer an introduction and experiential exploration of many 
paths to peace and wellness through the power of human breath. A variety of healing practices will be offered. The workshop will also be a fund-raising effort to advance the Peace 240 goals. Half of the workshop fee of $50 ($25) will be a donation to the DIPM. 
Ancient wisdom meets 21st century technology in this workshop. Learn many ways of using the healing power that is most accessible - your breath. HeartMath, the phenomenal biofeedback system, Pranayama (yoga) breath exercises, Stephen Elliotʼs 
work with Coherent Breathing for achieving autonomic nervous system balance and the deep 
emotional healing of Transformational Breathwork will be just some of the practices presented. Yoga teacher, Jean E. Farkas; local Holistic Family Physician, Dr. A. Patrick Jonas; Judith Wilson, LPCC, and Qi Gong practitioner; Janet Lawson, Certified Facilitator of Transformational Breathwork, Licensed HeartMath Provider will be some of the 
presenters guiding you in a deeper understanding and experience of their work. Every participant will have two opportunities for experiential learning in a morning session and an afternoon session. You choose from a variety of sessions! Give yourself the gift of this workshop. For more information contact Janet Lawson at"

He is especially excited about the Heartmath trainer, among others who will present and train the participants. 

Dr Synonymous blog about Spritiual Sensitivity Training in Family Medicine is discussed by Dr Jonas. He also reviews and comments on his post "Corporatizing" Hospice- More Heart Needed. Hospice management may need to get more nurse leaders in charge of hospices. 

Dr Jonas expounds on breathing and reviews the breathing and autonomic nervous system perspective of Leonard Laskow, MD in his book Healing with Love.

The Dr Synonymous Show

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Here's to a wonderful, blessed and peaceful New Year for all of you, and me,too.


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