Thursday, January 26, 2012

Coffee Benefits, Breastfeeding Infants, Blog Review and Transparent Risk Communication

If you want to feel good about drinking lots of coffee, this episode of the Dr Synonymous Show is for you.  If you want to get more familiar with the way numbers are used to discuss medical risks, this show might be for you, too.  Comments about patient blogs are the usual fare for Dr Synonymous.  We'll go into more depth about health literacy next week on our Tuesday night show at 8 PM.

Dr Synonymous Show January 25, 2012

Dr Synonymous starts this special morning show with comments about coffee from "Discovering Coffee's Unique Health Benefits" by Michael Downey, an article in Life Extension Jan/Feb 2012 edition.  It includes a long list of disease reduction stats related to various amounts of coffee ingestion.  Then Dr S covers a few issues in infant feeding, followed by comments about blogs by Dr Fatty and Medical Mojave.Common Sense Family Doctor blogs about the cost of having a baby.  
He introduces "Helping doctors and Patients Make Sense of Health Statistics" by Gigerenzer,,and the concept of "transparent risk communication."  This prepares the way for next weeks interview with Dan Jonas, MD Associate Director of the Center for Evidenced Based Medicine of the University of North Carolina.
Best wishes for your best health.

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