Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Family Medicine: Learning in Chocolate Town, USA- Hershey, PA

The Dr. Synonymous Show October 26, 2010 
Family Medicine:  Learning in Chocolate town, USA- Hershey, PA
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Physician blog: Healthcare, etc.: Paternalism of Science  AFP Community Blog:  CAM
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Book Suggestions

            How Doctors Think by Jerome Groopman, MD

            The Politics of Meaning by Michael Lerner

            A Cry Unheard by James J. Lynch

Hershey, PA:  Chocolate Town USA
            Site of my FM Residency Training: Health teams, Physician Extenders, Quest for Physicianship
Site of the FMEC, Inc NE Regional Meeting
                My three presentations
                                Pain Management the Family Medicine Way
                                Social Media for Geeks and Geezers
                                Consumer Oriented Human Centered Health Home
Thanks to the chat room and listeners
Next week we'll have a report on the FMEC, Inc meeting in Hershey, PA
November 9th, we'll interview Ken Bertka, MD, AAFP Past Board Member and OAFP Past President
I’m Dr Synonymous, Good Night

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