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Dr Synonymous Show: Family Medicine and Family Nurse Practitioners: A Timely Partnership

The Dr. Synonymous Show October 12, 2010
Dr Synonymous on #BlogTalkRadio
Happy Ten’s Day plus two (10/10/10 Where were you?)
Patient Blog WarmSocks:   "Doctors and Groceries and Rules"
Physician Blog Dr Rob: "What is a Patient" 
Do we know the rules yet?

The RWJ report for the Institute of Medicine:
The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health - Institute of Medicine:

AAFP Takes Issue With IOM Report Calling for Greater Nursing Role -- AAFP News Now -- American Academy of Family Physicians

Good post from American Journal of Nursing about the IOM report with a nursing perspective at

AMA - AMA Responds to IOM Report on Future of Nursing

Books to Ponder: New Rules for the New Economy by Kevin Kelly 1998
How Healthy is Your Family Tree by Carol Krause 1995
The Visionary’s Handbook  (9 paradoxes that will shape the future of your business) by Taylor and Wacker 2000

Interview with Catherine Johnson, FNP PhD
                How are the babies?
How was the trip to NM?  Silver City, NM
Let’s hear about the nurse practice program you are developing for Mt Carmel
What do you think of the future of nursing practice? The IOM report?
Where is the profession now? Physicians are concerned about boundaries, scope of practice, licensure, etc.  How are nurse practitioners with those issues these days?
30 million patients where’s the care?  Who’s the care?
Inter disciplinary communication may be difficult at times.  How is it when communicating professionally with social workers or SW educators?  Physicians? How do we best serve patients?
Any thoughts about what your FNP grads are going to be doing? What practice models?
What’s the Ohio practice market look like for the next ten years?
Thanks for your insights, Dr Johnson, and for joining us on the Dr Synonymous Show
This is Dr Synonymous, Good Night

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