Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dr Synonymous Show October 5, 2010 Connecting Patients and Doctors. Factoids and Reflections

The Dr Synonymous Show October 5, 2010
Disclaimer:  We're not practicing medicine on the show.  That's best done with your own family doctor.
Overview of Show
Patient blog:  Dr Fatty Finds Fitness- a Texas family physician/patient in online 100 day weight loss collaboration (
Recognize Chat Room
Medical Student Show “” episode 408 Dr Synonymous and Steve Deal interviewed about the medical home and the Human Centered Health Home (HCHH)
Physician blogs and tweats: a new decision support site for physicians and patients, the American Family Physician Community Blog on Cultural Competence 9/29
                The #hpm daily on Twitter newsletter about hospice and palliative care.
Dr Synonymous Blog 10/2/2010 on Human Centered Health Home: Connecting Patients and Family Physicians. 
Flu is here, discussion of 3 flu types in the flu shot which now includes H1N1.  CDC recommends that all get immunized.
Tips from Medical Journals
                Health Policy Graham Center p.601 AFP:  Med students specialty selection swayed by expected salary. $3.5 million difference in lifetime earnings specialists vs. primary care physicians
                Chat room do you agree that med students can be swayed by money?
Books I recommend
                The Mind and the Brain by Schwartz, OCD therapy section is helpful
Web Sites I recommend: Life Extension Foundation Magazine Great Vitamin D3 information, testosterone replacement therapy and estrogen replacement therapy well covered
Vitamins and Supplements that I recommend
                Multivitamin with minerals, recommended in  JAMA Nov 2002
                Omega 3 Fish Oil 2000-3000 mg. daily  from   
                Vitamin D3 2000 IU from 12/2009
                B Complex 50
Gene Wright, MD, Past President of OAFP died in Lima last week.  He had a big heart, always caring, always helpful.  Thanks for your friendship and leadership, Gene.

My Family Doctor through age 22: George Martin, MD Miamisburg, OH. My aunt had worked for him as receptionist.“It won’t hurt” he said, before penicillin shots, "I’ll bet you a nickel".  I always won the nickel. 
Chat room: any memorable family doctors in your lives you wish to honor?
Thanks to the chat room
Next week we finish the interview with Dr Catherine Johnson, FNP
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FMEC Mtg in Hershey, PA Halloween Weekend
I’m Dr Synonymous… good night


  1. Thank you for posting this.

    ( link doesn't work. Should it be TheNNT?)

  2. Thanks, WarmSocks, I fixed link. It is a very interesting site, giving another perspective about existing evidence that may be used in clinical decision making by both patients and doctors. It is often challenging to personalize with each patient as to which evidence actually relates to their uniqueness. Murzee's blog (connect on twitter) has some great data analysis comments in this area of study (especially about HTE, which I'll discuss on a later Dr S BTR show).

  3. Murzee's blog is Healthcare, etc. with some great clinical decision process analysis comments, including the important post about HTE. Dr S

  4. Thanks for your shout out and nice comments on my blog! I've found people can itch a good 7-10 days after the infestation has cleared w/ lice or scabies.