Saturday, July 11, 2015

Why Are So Many Physicians Afraid?: The Coward to Warrior Ratio Seems Huge

From coward to warrior, physicians come in all shapes, sizes and attitudes.  Or do we?

It seems that lots of physicians are afraid to be a professional.  They are afraid to disagree with the financial decision makers in their institutions (that employ them or with whom thy're contracted). This is rampant behavior.

We represent an ethical position that our patients and communities expect.  They don't know it's not happening like it used to.  Yes, it used to be common behavior for physicians to vehemently disagree with hospital administrators over a principle involving ethical decision making.

It looks like we were for sale.  We were bought.  We're saluting the hospital flag and altering clinical judgement to the massive expense of our patients and our society.

We sold out to the EHR which was billing software slightly altered for clinical purposes.

We sold out to do massive numbers of CT scans in ER's of questionable utility.

We sold out in rehab facilities to maximize reimbursement.

Were we always for sale?

Were we always cowards?

What are we afraid of?

Do our patients and communities know?

Let's tell them.  That's informed consent.

(Better than what they get in ER's when they aren't informed about the potential benefits and harms of all the CT scans.  Look around your ER for a consent form to do a procedure like CT scans that can cause cancer. You won't find one.  Shouldn't a patient know? )

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