Thursday, July 9, 2015

Breathing, Snoring and the Didgeridoo

Here's the outline for my presentation at the Institute of Holistic Leadership for July 9, 2015
Yes, I'm teaching the didgeridoo to attendees for fun and that they may have diminished or no snoring.

Breathing, Snoring and the Didgeridoo                                  Pat Jonas, MD
July 9, 2015                       Institute of Holistic Leadership

Breathing                           First exercise                    Three Deep Breaths
Didgeridoo First Demo                                                Dr J
               Baby 44, Adult 14-18 breaths per minute
               Oxygen Dissociation Curve, Sports Medicine
               Usual Breathing
               Diaphragmatic breathing
Breathing Exercise Two                                               The Stimulating Breath (Bellows Breath)
Nasal Breathing                              Heating, Cooling, Nitric Oxide
Breathing Exercise Three              The Balancing Breath                  Dr. Laskow
               Left Brain, Right Brain Issues
Didgeridoo Second Demo
Breathing Exercise Four                               The 4-7-8 (Relaxing) Breath      Dr. Weil
Snoring Study 85% at 5 mos
The Didgeridoo                What it is  rhythm, What it does,  History   
               Grab your Didge:  The raspberry and the sweet spot
               The Drone
               Vowels                A-E-I-O-U
               Consonants        B-C-D-T
               Kazoo Effect
               Circular Breathing
Lip Buzz, Dizzyness        Dying Cow               YouTube Lessons
Didgeribreathing Exercise



  1. How does the didgeridoo promote nitric oxide

    1. Nasal breathing promotes increased nitric oxide.