Thursday, April 9, 2015

N Acetyl Cysteine: A Powerful Glutathione Precursor

Getting a NAC for Health                               A. Patrick Jonas, MD
Institute of Holistic Leadership        Presentation          April 9, 2015
1.       Introductions
2.       We covered some methylation issues before
3.       Tonight we’ll add some sulfation issues, especially N Acetyl Cysteine and Glutathione
4.       In the beginning, 60 trillion cells- each with 100,000 chemical reactions per minute
5.       Genomics ID 30,000 genes.  At 20,000 single gene disorders, etc. etc. etc.
6.       Look at methylation sheet starting with leafy, green and yellow vegetables
7.       B’s to methylation to homocysteine to methionine to SAMe and back.
8.       If methyl toxic or homocysteine remains too high, CBS mutation may be operative
9.       See the confusing handout:  NAC comes to the rescue. Usual dose: 600mg twice daily
10.   N Acetyl L Cysteine, N Acetylcysteine, NAC -carries the amino acid L Cysteine.
11.   Precursor to Glutathione “The Mother of All Antioxidants”
12.   What happens then?  Let’s start low in the body and work up
13.   Connective tissue, immune system, autoimmune effects
14.   Ovaries –PCOS ovulation/pregnancy
15.   Liver- hangover cure, Tylenol toxicity and others, fatty liver, cholesterol, hepatitis, etc.
16.   Pancreas- Diabetes, Insulin Resistance, Weight
17.   Kidneys- IVP dye reactions
18.   Heart- increased blood flow, enhanced work outs, lower LDL Cholesterol, Lower Homocysteine
19.   Lungs- mucolytic in CF, CB, Flu
20.   Brain- “Brainitis” (All psychiatric diagnoses, all addiction diagnoses studied), chronic pain, cognitive impairment (see methylation page briefly), (Maybe gliaden addiction from wheat) CN & NA
21.   Infection, degeneration, malignancy, toxic, stroke, dental plaque, gambling, nail biting,
22.   Fibromyalgia
23.   Negative:  Cysteine kidney stones, nausea
24.   Etc.  NAC- WOW!

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