Tuesday, January 13, 2015

WDAO Guest Dr Jonas on "Health is Wealth" January 13, 2015

Guest on Ricky Poole's "Health is Wealth"  Radio Show 9-10 AM January 13

Some issues for the interview:

Dr Jonas, you describe yourself as a holistic Family Physician.  What do you mean by that?

What kinds of holistic training have you had?

How does that fit into your practice?

Speaking of vitamins and supplements, what are a couple important considerations for our listeners?

Can the diet provide needed vitamins and minerals for most people?

Can everyone do the same thing with their eating behaviors, vitamins and supplements?

So our genome or heritage plays a role.  How do you relate to that?
So even our food processing through our digestive system varies with genetic factors?

Let’s discuss heart health a bit.  What about heart attack and stroke risks?

So fat and cholesterol are good for you?  How is that?

We hear a lot about the statin drugs for cholesterol.  What do you tell your patients about statins?

A lot of people are wondering how to disagree with their personal doctors about the statins.  How should they do it, while still showing respect for their doctor who they don’t want to offend?

How about avoiding costly testing or radiation that is recommended by physicians?

So you’re worried about this too.  What’s going on in healthcare that people need to watch for?

What is this Direct Primary Care that you’re offering to patients?

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