Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Interview with Sarah Weiskittel, MSIII WSU BSOM on Blog Talk Radio

Dr Synonymous Interview with third year medical student at Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine Sarah Weiskittel.  Listen in 24/7 after the initial interview.

Dr Synonymous Interview with Sarah Weiskittel, MSIII WSU BSOM
Tuesday January 6, 2015
1.        Introduction
a.       What do you think of your undergraduate alma mater playing for the national football championship next week?
b.       What was your major at OSU?
c.       How does that fit with a medical career?
2       How is the third year of med school so far?

3       How does the medical world look to a third year medical student?

4       When did the dream of a medical career show up for you?

5       How does your dream relate to all the possible specialties you may choose?

6       When do med students choose their specialty?

7       How does med student debt seem to relate to specialty selection?

8       What is fun about medical school?

9       How do you transition from patient to doctor?

  How does your experience in a medical family affect your decisions as a medical student?

 Why are the Buckeyes going to win the game next Monday?

1   Etc.


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