Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Family Doctor Song

Fellow Family Physicians,

I was humming the "Family Doctor Song" and feeling proud of what I do as a Family Doctor that is so well supported by this song.  The Family Physician author knows about the Myth and the Magic of Family Doctors.  They also understand the Brain and the Heart of Family doctors.  Likewise, the Myth and Magic, Brain and Heart of Family Medicine.

Such insight generating such poetry and translating into such a song is rare.  But, leave it to Family doctors to express the un-expressible in such a way that the imaginations of those who listen to and feel the message, understand it.

Have you heard it yet?  Have you hummed it yet?  Or sung it yet?


Listen to your heart, where the records of thousands of past, present and future patients resonate with human vibrations of meaning.

There is the song.

You are the author.

It isn't finished, yet.