Friday, August 1, 2014

Mentorship Via The Ohio Academy of Family Physicians: Thanks, Tenny

He shook my hand and said "Welcome."  I felt like I was home.  These were my people, my fellow Family Physicians.  This was my anchor- The Ohio Academy of Family Physicians.  It was early 1974 (or late 1973?).  I was a first year medical student at Ohio State.  This was my first committee meeting at the Headquarters on North High Street in Columbus.  They spoke my language.  They talked about patients, education and the Ohio Academy.

Thank You, Tenny, for welcoming me and mentoring me over the 40 years since.  P. Tennyson Williams, MD became President of the OAFP, founding Department Chair of the Department of Family Medicine at Ohio State and , later, the Educator of the Year for the OAFP.  And my friend and mentor.

I hope to see Tenny and many other OAFP leaders, members and staff at the All Members Assembly in Dublin this weekend.  It's important for me to connect and honor the people and the traditions and the innovations of the OAFP.  The whole state wins when the OAFP celebrates.

The OAFP still has the reputation of caring and welcoming students, residents and family physicians to advocate for Family Medicine and good health in Ohio and the nation. I'm happy to be part of the Family of The OAFP and Family Medicine.  "Welcome"

Pat Jonas, MD
48th President of Ohio Academy of Family Physicians

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