Thursday, March 6, 2014

Family Medicine: Time and Tension

Time is our friend.
Does it end?
Does it bend?
Does it mend?

Tension tones.
Does it drone?
Does it moan?
Does it phone?

Time and tension are important elements of Family Medicine. Could we practice without time and tension?Patients have some time and we have some time to share with them.  The tension in the clinical encounter helps us to use time in a more purposeful way.

 Neighborly practices appreciate the tension in the patient-physician relationship as a way to honor the humanity and importance of all, while respecting the processes that enable us to be helpers of each other.  Over time, we both develop better understandings of how to use the tension and the time.  We improve our relationship and our shared insights.  We are ready for the "Big One", whatever that might be.

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