Sunday, March 23, 2014

#DirectPrimaryCare Ohio Unsummit II Coming Soon to Dayton

Direct Primary Care Ohio Unsummit II in Beavercreek (Dayton) May 17 at the Hilton Garden Inn.

We have two sessions for this Unsummit, one for those who need to learn about Direct Primary Care such as medical students, physicians, nurse practitioners, employers, patients, community leaders and health care leaders.  The rest of the day, in the second session, we focus on "Nuts and Bolts" of DPC for primary care physicians, primary care nurse practitioners, primary care physician assistants, medical administrators and medical office staff (and others such as medical students and residents).  Click on the link above for details of where, how and how much.

Our base group of "chronic" faculty are listed on the link to the agenda from the link above.  Other faculty will include an insurance expert discussing the availability of catastrophic health insurance in Ohio and the potential fit with Direct Primary Care (eventually?).

We will be online for a few parts of the agenda, reviewing DPC sites that represent different practice types and sizes.  The prices for all of the practices will be publicly displayed on those sites. This transparency is one of the hallmarks of DPC, but a point of controversy with some who have concerns about price fixing.  Nothing about this meeting is intended to fix prices for health care services.  On the contrary, the transparency of DPC is more protective of the public's interests where prices are concerned.

Other DPC physicians and administrators will have an opportunity to participate in person or via social media transmission into the conference room.  The low price of our unsummits enables more persons to participate, but impacts our ability to fly faculty in from a diverse array of DPC practices.

Thousands of physicians are involved in DPC.  It's a growing movement/ solution to overcome  much of what's problematic in health care today.  Stay tuned!

A DPC National Summit is scheduled for Washington, DC June 20-21.  DPC National Summit 2014

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