Wednesday, May 8, 2013

George Jones, Tim Tebow, Marcus Welby MD and Healthcare

George died, Tim was fired and Marcus was a re-run.

I always liked the music of Tammy Wynette more than George Jones.  I used to sing her songs when I was in Vietnam.  "Our D-I-V-O-R-C-E Becomes Final Today" was as fun to sing as "Stand by Your Man." I learned about George by listening to Tammy's songs.  I thought he might have some anger management issues.  Unless it was all about the alcoholism.  If he or Tammy had seen their Family Physician for help, the outcome of the marriage might have been better (but record, CD, DVD, downloads, and other sales might have suffered greatly). 

Tim, I like the way you play football, but traditionalist coaches in the NFL don't connect well with your unique value.  Wait a minute, that makes me think of my medical specialty- Family Medicine.  We're the most important health care professional in the fight to "bend the cost curve" of healthcare that's bankrupting America- BUT- we're unique and not understood, therefor have to be TRANSFORMED to REALLY be good.  In the process, we're being destroyed, dumbed-down, and looking for the exit or the independent practice using a Direct Primary Care business model across the street from the BEAST of healthcare.

Marcus, Marcus Wherefore art Thou, Marcus?  Where's Dr Kiley and Nurse Consuelo to help us when we're overloaded?

OK, maybe looking backward could be discouraging.  Onward EHR, Meaningless Use, Payment Centered Medical Homes, Phony Quality Initiatives, Evidenced-Based Shareholder Value and other key components of the future of healthcare.

George, I hear you singing "Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes?"

What do you think?

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