Friday, January 18, 2013

First Didgeridoo Hullabaloo Session Agenda January 19,2013

The Didgeridoo Hullabaloo January- June, 2013
 Special Broadcast of the Dr Synonymous Show from the BellHOP

The Didgeridoo Hullabaloo Kickoff 9AM ET with Dr Synonymous at the BellHOP Café January 19, 2013

Introduction of Participants, The BellHOP, Dr Synonymous, The Hullabaloo

Disclaimer: No medical implications to this event and no guarantees on your snoring status.

Video:  The Didgeridoo and Snoring

How to play the didgeridoo
               The instrument: An adult kazoo.  A frequency enhancer. Not a religious symbol/item here.
               The mouth- breathing, “horse lips”, “horse lips” with a smile: 3 each
               The Drone:  The sweet spot. Play it 5 seconds times 4, 20 seconds times 2
               Overtones: vowels- a-e-i-o-u, Oh-ee-Oh,
               Rhythm: Ha- Ha- Ha, He- Haw, He Ha Ha Haw,
               Tonguing:  Dah- Dah- Dah, Kah- Kah- Kah, Doh- Doh- Doh-Doh, De- Dah- Daw- Oh
               Animal Sounds: kookaburra, dingo  
               Circular Breathing Introduction:  Cheeks, Breathing in/out, Chewing air

Practice, practice, practice and be prepared to duck.  Some folks may not appreciate the sounds initially
Enter the Didgeridoo Hullabaloo Contest via  Send your entry as a comment on this announcement of the DH contest on Dr Synonymous blog ( before February 15th to be eligible for a small prize.  Identify whether you are a neophyte, novice, or expert didgeridoo player.
Follow the Dr Synonymous blog for the next session and location.

Why the didgeridoo and snoring?   Click Here.

How to play the didgeridoo:  How to Play the Didgeridool

What does it sound like?

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