Sunday, January 20, 2013

Didgeridoo Hullabaloo- Successful Launch

Nine participants at the BellHOP Cafe droned into the launch of the Didgeridoo Hullabaloo, a five month musical health enhancement program of rhythmic fun and challenge.

You may already know that playing the didgeridoo has been shown to eliminate snoring as an added benefit for folks with that problem.  Daytime wakefulness of both snorers and their bedmates was enhanced after five months of fifteen minutes or so of daily playing the didge (by the snorer).

OK, maybe you wouldn't call it music when beginning to play the didge.  Many of the sounds you will hear if you listen to the Dr Synonymous Show of the session on January 19 (accessible through the link below on Blog Talk Radio) may not sound like music, but that is part of didgeridoo skill development- annoying noise here and there.

Peg, Mary Ann, Maggie, Pat (aka, Dr Synonymous), Bruce, Mark, Kim, and Donna here with didges, some home-made from PVC pipe.  They enthusiastically went through the program noted in my previous post:    Didgeridoo Hullabaloo  This includes a link to the Dr Synonymous Show of this session-much of which is loaded with the sound of didgeridoos and lots of laughter (and a minute of silence for a technical glitch).

Bruce Clough wasn't content to play the didgeridoo only so he added the mandolin, maybe becoming the first didgeridoo mandolin player (at least the first one at the BellHOP Cafe).

Another unique aspect of the day was Mike Sabin of the BellHOP Cafe playing the shophar, accompanied on the didgeridoo by Mark Chancey (a percussionist in another part of his life).  Mike made a couple PVC didges with unique connectors and mouthpieces, too.  He was kind enough to project the Youtube video about snoring and the didgeridoo to launch the session.  Our other video was an aboriginal gentleman with full regalia, painted body and incredible didgeridoo sounds.

Peg Sprauer, Mary Ann Stone, and Maggie Weisman working on their drone.  Mary Ann, a Faith Community Nurse with Bellbrook United Methodist Church, is also the Executive Director of the Community Wellness Coalition which is developing a Free Clinic in Bellbrook for the poor and underserved.  She gave a brief overview of the Free Clinic project during a break in the session.

Mark had the most beautiful didgeridoo at the session- it sounds good, too.

This was lots of fun.  We'll be announcing more sessions over the next five months with details on recording participant contest entries on Youtube.  Wanna be in a contest with your didgeridoo?  Wanna sleep better? Do you want to annoy your dog a bit?  Join the Hullabaloo.


  1. That looks like it was lots of fun!

  2. Yes, WarmSocks, it was lots of fun AND we're having more on Saturday February 9th at 8:15 AM at the second session of the DH. This, too will be broadcast live on the Dr Synonymous Show on Blog Talk Radio. Get your didge and play along/join in. apj

  3. Mark was was my Aircraft Commander in the AF. Lost touch and would like to reconnect. Do you still stay in touch with him?

  4. Yes. He's the Lay Leader in our church and the drummer in the worship service. also he heads up the men's group for Bellbrook UM Church in Bellbrook, Ohio