Wednesday, November 7, 2012

5-5-5: Strategies for a Healthy "Eating Season"

                  The Dr. Synonymous Show November 6, 2012 

                  5-5-5: Strategies for a Healthy "Eating Season"

Dr Synonymous discusses the 5-5-5, meaning a recommendation to eat five colors of food daily (not counting M & M's), five servings of fruits and vegetables and to control four health issues (weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and stress) and to exercise.  He elaborates on each of these issues and introduces listeners to the Center for Disease Control Nutrition site, which gives each individual formulas to plan their eating strategies. 

Dr Jonas, aka Dr Synonymous gives support to using the exercise ball for tone, movement and fitness.  He gives listeners several ideas about use of the ball also to reverse or prevent insulin resistance, which he explains in detail.  Dr S reviews stress reduction strategies and their impact on weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol.  

Listen in for holiday strategies for a healthy "Eating Season."

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