Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Childhood and Adolescent Depression; Tweet Chats #CHSOCM

The Dr Synonymous Show October 30, 2012  Here

 Dr Synonymous aka, A. Patrick Jonas, MD starts with comments about tweets on Twitter, then 
 "Treatment of Childhood and Adolescent Depression" from the American Family Physician, 
Sept 1, 2012 issue by Clark, Jansen and Cloy from the University of Mississippi Medical Center.  
The risk factors and diagnostic criteria are well reviewed along with screening tools.  
Helpful comments about therapies are reviewed.

Tweets followed by Dr Jonas are perused with a focus on a tweet chat by #CHSOCM, including their opening prayer.  
Blog reviews include one by Meredith Gould about book authorship processes and one by Kenny Lin about support for Family Medicine as written by Richard Young, MD.
Last is some expansion by Dr S about his upcoming chat session at the BellHOP Cafe in Bellbrook on Saturday morning November 10 at 9AM.

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