Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Dr. Synonymous Show 8/23/2011: Patient, Med Student, Doctor Blog Tweet and Medical Review

Dr Synonymous Show on BlogTalk

Click  Here for the show with blog reviews and discussion, starting with Pissed Off Patient  Exercise Blah Blah blah , then Dr. Fatty Finds Fitness Crazy Catch-up Post followed by the medical student blog: Adjacent Possible Medicine about Social Media Risks for Med Students .

Next is a JAMA article review of how TV watching is leading to increased tyope II diabetes, heart disease and all-cause mortality followed by a Tweet Review of ten current tweets on Twitter, including a link to a JAMA article about home-going meds in patients leaving hospitals.

Eat more nuts, soy and plant sterols to lower LDL cholesterol is the message from an NPR blog.  House Calls: a review article from the American Family Physician is then reviewed, leading into comments about Dr Synonymous post about house calls in April 10,2010  House Calls: Paid in Full Plus Tips.

Dr Jonas then reviews Dr S most recent post Family Medicine:People Time and Money  before signing off with a quick comment about his Set Our Hearts at Liberty blog West Point Glee Club Reunion which included a YouTube link to his recent West Point Alumni Glee Club reunion concert in July at West Point.

Listen in 24/7 since the show is saved as a podcast.  The live show is from 8-9 PM ET Tuesday nights which includes a chat room.  I'm happy to curate several blogs, tweets, a monthly interview and the Family Medicine literature.  Check it out.

A. Patrick Jonas, MD

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