Friday, May 6, 2011

Personal Health: Techie in NC Loves YouTube Sesame Street Song

To intensify my ponderings about techie questions of "what hath the web wrought?", I visited my North Carolina (where the sun seems to always shine) son, daughter-in law and (the real reason for the trip), two grandchildren.  My fifteen month old grandson was anxious to tap on my cell phone when I took it out to get a photo of the lad (off the growth chart for height, 75th for wt- would be the envy of Lake Wobegon).  My son noted his son’s wishes and put his iPad on the table in front of the youngster who immediately tapped to get his favorite app, proceeding to the YouTube Sesame Street song section to play’s song, “What I Am”.  When the song ended, he pushed a few times on the screen and played it again, making hand gestures along with the singer at key moments during the video. This is a great example of the web based society, I thought, the desired information is produced by a creator and put on the world wide web, not on a vinyl record (78, 45 or 33 1/3 RPM), eight track tape, cassette tape, CD, or mp3, etc.  What will happen next?  Check out my grandson's favorite song:   "What I Am"

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