Saturday, May 7, 2011

Family Medicine: Looking for Partners at the Starting Line

Patients hold the key to a meaningful course correction for health care reform.  Employers are the next group who can influence and/ or generate a course correction for health care.  Family Physicians are probably next. What can we do?  When?  How?  With whom?

Next step:  Go viral on the internet to "bypass the sludge" and rapidly get to the starting line for changing the world of medicine.  Who will be there with us?  Who are our partners and friends?  Who are the enemies?  Where is the money?  How can patients unite to influence the money in health care?  How long will it take?

Will the Government allow and support the will of the people for health care?  Will Wall Street take the money, control the Government and run?

Right now, it's feeling like we are "powerless" over the course of change of health care.  Are we Adult Children of Health Care?  Twelve Step Program, anyone?

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