Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Show Outline of Founders Interview: Tennyson Williams, MD Founding Chairman Department of Family Medicine, Ohio State

The Dr Synonymous Show March 8, 2011

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Introduction:  I’m Dr Synonymous, a Family Physician practicing in Beavercreek, OH.

Disclaimer:  We’re not practicing medicine tonight on this show.  Your medical care should come about through a therapeutic relationship with your own Family Physician.

Show Overview:  Tonight we’ll start as usual, honoring patients by reviewing a patient blog first:
Grieving Dads

Next we’ll have a special interview with a Founder in Family Medicine:  P. Tennyson Williams, MD the Founding Department Chair of Family Medicine at The Ohio State University College of Medicine. 

I have to add that I am a graduate of OSU in 1976.  I was a clinical faculty member from 1979-1990 when I became full time faculty until 1994 when I joined the Wright State faculty at the Kettering Medical Center.  So I may show all kinds of bias in this interview, but you’ll know where I’m coming from.  You may wish to read some of the background of Family Medicine at Ohio State http://www.fammed.ohio-state.edu/9861.cfm

Dr Williams will now join us:  Greetings.

Let’s dive right into the founding of the Department of Family Medicine: How did you do that?
Who was involved?
What were you leaving to start the department?
How many years did you practice before OSU?  How did you decide to do General Practice?  How was that viewed in your medical school back then?

Which hospital did you train in?  What did that consist of?

You had a reputation as a curious physician, doing studies in your office to modify practice.  What kind of projects/ studies did you do?

What did your family think of the Ohio State move?
What feedback did you get from other GP’s? 

How were you involved in the establishment of the specialty of Family Medicine?  Who else worked on that in Ohio?
What other Family Practice leaders did you work with in the establishment of the specialty?   
How did the “House of Medicine” view Family Practice?  How supportive were the other specialties?

Back to Ohio State:  How did you select the first faculty?
How did you develop a curriculum?  How did that fit into the medical school?

When did you start the Family Practice now Family Medicine Residency?
Who were the first residents that stayed around OSU to practice?  Ohio?

What kind of challenges did you face?  How much fun did you have?  What do you see as your legacy at OSU?
How many years were you at OSU?

What are you doing now? I commented on your wonderful article about Left and Right Brained people and how they fit into Family Medicine (primary care) and otherwise.
How much fun are you having these days?

The conversation may include some or all of these questions as it flows.

We’re running out of time so I’d like to again thank Dr. Tenny Williams for his accomplishments and his willingness to be interviewed on the Dr Synonymous Show.

This is Dr Synonymous, we’ll connect with you again on March 13 at 8 PM ET.  Good Night.

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