Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Dr Synonymous Show 3/1/2011

The Dr Synonymous Show March 1, 2011        Listen to the show here:  Dr Synonymous on BTR

Disclaimer and Introduction:  I'm Dr Synonymous, a real family physician practicing in Beavercreek, OH.
Overview of tonight's show

Patient blogs:   The Difference Between Doing and Watching by Seaspray

 Fog be Gone  :  The Great Lyme Debate by Penelope

Breakfast tips from The Glycemic Load Diet by Rob Thompson, MD

Medical Student Blog:  Sebastian wrote about how to advocate for a cause while separating one's profession in:  The Future of Family Medicine: The Social responsibilities of Wisconsin Family Physicians

Marcus Welby, MD makes a house call from House Calls by Thomas L. Stern, MD

Physician blogs:
Another Commercial Touting Specialist Care by The Singing Pen of Dr Jen

Common Sense Family Doctor
by Kenny Lin, MD writing about use of the PSA test that isn't good for screening (asymptomatic men)

Family Oriented Primary Care:   Working with couples (from Mcdaniel, Campbell and Seaburn)
Dr Synonymous blog: Hippocrates, Hope and Heart      

Next Week March 8: Founder’s Interview with Dr Tennyson Williams, founding department chair Department of Family Medicine, The Ohio State University

I'm Dr Synonymous:  Good Night

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