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The Dr Synonymous Show 1/25/2011: Culture, Right Brain Doctors, Bones, Bowels, Bible Foods and Life in Liberty

The Dr Synonymous Show January 25, 2011
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Introduction/ Welcome/ Disclaimer

Grant McCracken, at the intersection of anthropology and economics,  Blog Post about culture and communication between people of different backgrounds
 Musings of a Dinosaur Blog Post:  
 Requiem for a Crazy Lady

Tennyson Williams, MD  Editorial from The Ohio Family Physician Winter Edition "Health Care and Right Brain Function".  The article is on pp 20-21, 24 of the link below which is the entire magazine.
 The Ohio Family Physician Winter 2010

Jill of All Trades, MD Blog Post about Preparing for Colonoscopy

Kenny Lin, MD Common Sense Family Doctor Blog Post about the New USPSTF Osteoporosis Screening Guidelines
When Politics Trumped Science Osteoporosis Screening

Miracle Food Cures From the Bible by Reese Dubin:  Seven Herbs from the Last Supper (Number 6) "Charosets" (aka, Haroset)

Dr Synonymous Blog Post on Family Medicine Conditions

Dr Synonymous New Blog, "Set Our  Hearts at Liberty" Reflections on God, Life and People starting in his hometown of Liberty, Ohio:  
Liberty EUB Church

I'm Dr Synonymous, hoping that YOU are synonymous with your best health

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    Stephanie said...

    Well my mom let me know about your new blog radio and I just figured out how to listen and am so happy to hear your voice! This comment is coming out of the beautiful state of Florida and I am just going to say a coupe things, as you know I have trouble keeping it brief.1.I wish you would see patients on the computer and I could still be your patient.2.I want everyone to know what an empathic and brilliant physician you are! Thank-you for caring for me and my family.
    January 28, 2011 1:55 AM

    Thanks, Stephanie. Eventually, we'll be doing some things online. Enjoy the beach!