Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Family Medicine Leaders: Lori Heim, MD President of The American Academy of Family Physicians

Lori Heim, MD is the current President of the American Academy of Family Physicians.  She has helped the AAFP to continue to be in the health care and the healthcare conversation (one word just refers to money while two refers to the care of people).
Dr Heim represents us in many ways.  On September 7, she is a special guest on the Dr Synonymous Show on blog Talk Radio. (www.blogtalkradio.com/drsynonymous)

Dr Synonymous Show September 7, 2010 8 PM Special Guest Dr Lori Heim, AAFP President

Introduction by Dr Synonymous


Overview of Show

Mention of Patient Blog

Mention of Physician Blog: Dr Synonymous June 9, 2010

Comment on the chat room

Two medical reports from new or review literature

Introduction of Dr Lori Heim, President of AAFP at 8:15 PM ET

Questions may include: Where did you live as a child?

How did you decide to become a physician?

How did you decide on the military service? USAF?

What’s good about military Family Medicine these days?

Did anyone in the chat room serve in the military? Feel free to type in Q for Dr Heim in chat room.

Where were you stationed in the Air force? What did you do?

How about hazardous duty in the Air Force?

Med students are racking up lots of debt these days, what kind of debt forgiveness can they get by joining the military?

The AAFP is such a great group of people, me included. What are the challenges facing the AAFP now? What are the big issues and happenings the Academy expects for the Denver meeting this month? Etc.?

How did the leadership of AAFP make the difficult decisions these last couple years?

Many members were conflicted about heavy handed politics during the health care reform legislative confusion. How do you respond to member concerns about what seemed to be an unfair process at times?

How do you relate to the revelers while concurrently responding to the anger of other members?
(I personally chose to comment on the AAFP web site and on the AAFP Face book site when I had opinions to offer, supportive or unsupportive of the direction of the AAFP leadership about the HC legislation. It was helpful to vent quickly and thank the leaders for their obvious commitment to members and patients.)

Other questions just follow the flow of the conversation and humor is important.

What’s ahead for medical students that will help them to be more family medicine inclined?

What is going to help residents to prepare for what’s next? How do they not get too techy with EHR, PCMH, P4P, etc.? How can they hug patients when a computer is in the way?

Thank you again for being at the Ohio AFP meeting in August. You heard the resolution at the Ohio AFP meeting about commercial interests (with Coca Cola and Pharma concerns emphasized) and AAFP and OAFP. Where will that discussion lead us?

As a leader, what have you learned by leading one of the best groups in America (Dr Synonymous may be biased)? How have you changed during this year? Where does it lead your career?

Are you still having fun?

Any other comments or suggestions for questions you want to be asked?

Thank you Dr Heim for joining us tonite.

Next week’s guest is Larry Bauer, Executive with the Family Medicine Education Consortium, Inc. We’ll hear about an exciting meeting of Family Medicine educators in Hershey PA Halloween weekend. And a lot more.

Thank you for joining us. This is Dr Synonymous. Good Night.

Listen to a podcast of this show at  www.blogtalkradio.com/drsynonymous

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