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Family Medicine Leaders: Interview with Larry Bauer, MSW, MEd Executive Director FMEC, Inc.

Dr Synonymous Show September 14, 2010   http://blogtalkradio.com/drsynonymous
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Interview with Laurence C. Bauer MSW, MEd Executive Director Family Medicine Education Consortium, Inc.

Questions for Mr. Bauer:

What’s up with the FMEC, Inc Northeast Regional Meeting this year?  Who will be there?  Who should go?

Comments about the name change from NESTFM?

You’ve seen a lot in Family Medicine and Medical Education since the late 70’s.  What have you learned from your interaction with the masters?  How would you describe your career so far?

What aspects of family medicine education were developed by whom?  How about a little who’s who from your perspective over the years?

What is happening now in Family Medicine? FM Education?

How does the innovators network relate to family medicine?

What innovation is needed now in family medicine and medical education?

What fellowships in family medicine have you started or related to?

What role do fellowships have for the future?

What did you do in your first position in the Department of Family and Community Medicine in PSU MS Hershey Medical Center?

You are a grandfather now, how is that working out?

How might social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and this show on Blog Talk Radio benefit Family Medicine, family physicians and patients? 

A social media network is now open courtesy of Mike Sevilla, MD, http://fmec2010.blogspot.com/ for use  before and during activities at the FMEC, INC meeting in Hershey.  Family medicine educators and residents are encouraged to use this site as a springboard for a FMEC, Inc Social Media Network.  How might that fit into the present and future?

Humor in family medicine?

How can medical students sign up for the FMEC, Inc Northeast Regional meeting?  www.fmec.net

Thank you for being with us tonight, Larry.  Good luck!
Next week Dr Synonymous discusses leadership strategies in family medicine that evolve from military models of leadership and human models of functioning.
Thanks for being here with us.
This is Dr Synonymous.  Good night

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