Friday, March 3, 2017

Patient Centered Care and Other Lies

"Eating fat is bad for you.  Cholesterol is bad for you.  Drink low fat milk."

These are basically medical lies.  Your brain is mostly made of fat and cholesterol, by the way.
Wheat and sugars are the root of most obesity.

"Value driven, patient centered care will solve most of the problems in healthcare."

Translation:  These terms will sound good to people while we continue to maximize shareholder value for the pharmaceutical, insurance and hospital industry, aka the Medical- Industrial Complex (MIC).
We will maximize the use of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) to inflict maximal "quality sounding" billables on an unsuspecting public.
We will take advantage of the intense desire of physicians to pay off their medical school debts to induce them into specialties that can be used to maximize MIC profits.
We will use electronic prescribing to maximize the medications taken per capita by eliminating patient choice about filling prescriptions.
We will inflict guidelines on patients as if they are facts or legal standards of care and not let them know their actual probabilities, eliminating their ability to choose which medical risks they wish to take.
Metrics will drive bonuses and more inflicted care on patients.  Drop down menus will remind physicians of value based bonuses that they receive if they inflict a medication or procedure on the patient.
We will call it patient centered care.  (It is actually profit centered care)
It will look good.
It will be filled with more lies.

What do you think?