Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Care and Caring with My "New" Knee at The Soin Medical Center

I love the Soin Medical Center in Beavercreek, Ohio!

There is a great team of caring, competent health care professionals in the Joint Center in the Soin Medical Center.  My right knee volunteered to need their services with a total knee replacement.  Dr. Aram Donigian orchestrated the surgery with a very engaging and connected operating room team.

The Soin environment offers a small town atmosphere, which I love.

For the day of surgery, the nurses, doctors, nurse practitioners and OR personnel were highly focused and organized.  I noticed stainless steel hammers and other carpentry-like tools in the OR - then stopped looking.  I sort of didn't want to know too much.

The spinal analgesia calmed my entire being and the propofol gave me sleep and the next thing I knew, I was waking in the recovery room with Nurse Shelby, who exemplified the Soin spirit.  She was energetic, caring, honest, helpful, supportive and competent.  I had the laughter that wouldn't quit and no pain in my right knee.

Now on the mend with great nurses, PT's, OT's and Nurse coordinators etc., I am being discharged and continue to sing the praises of the Soin Joint Replacement Team.

What a great example of Resilience!

They help each other to get the job done. And they Care.  And they care.  And they care.

More later about other aspects of this adventure.  Here's my BlogTalkRadio Show about it: Click for more  Dr Synonymous New Knee at Soin Medical Center

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