Saturday, October 1, 2016

OSU College of Medicine: 47% Non-Ohioans--Why?

I was blessed to get to attend the best medical school in the world at the time -- The Ohio State University College of Medicine in the Class of 1976.  About 90% of us were from Ohio.  At our Homecoming and 40th Reunion Celebration weekend, we received the traditional update from the COM administration during the COM Alumni Association meeting.  The demographics of the current student body were impressive in their response to inclusivenes with 26% under-represented minorities, 54% women, 46% men.

I flinched, though, at this statistic:  53% from Ohio and 47% from out of state.  When questioned, Quinn Capers IV, MD, the Dean of Admissions answered that the College needed to get that many out of state students to get the type of diversity (cultural and other) they want.  I strongly disagree. What is missing in Ohio born applicants?  What is missing in the culture of Ohio?

What do pre-med students from Ohio think of being denied 100 (of the 202 or so) entry level medical student slots at Ohio State?  What do the state legislature and the tax payers of Ohio think of this approach to admissions?  What do alumni think of this approach to admissions?

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