Saturday, August 13, 2016

Physician Burnout: More than Half!?

I'm listening to a presentation about this topic at the Ohio Academy of Family Physicians Annual Members Assembly in a room full of brilliant people- Family Physicians. Are 63% of them burned out, as the Mayo Clinic study indicated in 2015?  If so, how does that impact their ability to help people?  To lead an organization?  To innovate enough to find solutions to health care problems and physician burnout?

Practicing Family Medicine is an incredible privilege.  It's still fun.  Medicare administration and other insurance administrative overload is killing it for more than half of family physicians.

Many physicians are looking for relief.  Mostly in the wrong place, since more are getting burned out (was 51%, now 63%).

Is there hope?


  1. There's hope. Opt out of Medicare. And while you're at the OAFP meeting, tell them they should worry about the complicated "value based pay" system they're helping to institute. It isn't going to make burnout any better. Maybe worse.

  2. Reach out to fellow providers and patients and share the burdens. Burnout grows in Isolation. Fulfillment comes through being connected to real people.

  3. Good Points in the comments by Sydney and Pat