Friday, July 22, 2016

Family Medicine: This is Still Fun! (After 40 Years)

I'm in my office Friday morning.  I get to see these fascinating people and help them and learn from and about them and the contexts for their lives.  It doesn't get any better than this.
A child for Pre -op physical, two patients with rare diseases, evaluation after auto accident, lumbar disc disease with back pain, insulin dependent diabetes for more than 50 years, poison ivy, allergies, sinusitis, chronic low back pain, plus four more acutely ill people who will call in this afternoon.

Storm just started.  Heat index over 100 tomorrow, breathing problems expected.

Still having fun after 190,000 patient encounters and 40 years.

(I just have to re-align the dominant business model that we use and relate to.  Insurance is something to think about eliminating in favor of Direct Family Medicine.  We are meeting with other physicians to discuss the Direct Family Medicine model further for Greene County.)


  1. You are such an awesome Doctor ibecause you let you're patients realize that you do care about each of us. You don't just tell patients to take a pill and go away.
    The fact that you listen to us so you can tell what is going on with us emotionally, mentally as well as physically. It makes such a huge difference to us.
    Thank you for caring.

  2. You really should consider personal preventive care. It allows your patients to pay for the time and attention you give and yet still lets them use their insurance for sick care when needed.