Friday, May 27, 2016

Home With Hospice

We were looking at various options for Mom.  Now, later, etc.  How long is now and how soon is later?  We looked at long term care options and realized that later is now.  At each place we discussed end of life care and hospice options.  If we could get some assurance about transfers from bed to wheelchair and wheelchair to commode, Mom could come home (to our house where she has lived for six months.  We had the home care company already with PT, OT, etcT (all the T's) options.

I called hospice to clarify options and decision points along the way.  Later IS now, I found out.  The hospice nurse/ boss explained the how, when and why of how they relate to a person like my mother. Wham!  They had connectors to our "A" team for PT, OT, Nursing, etc. and financial coverage in
areas where her personnel might be needed.  I realized that "Home with Hospice" was best for Mom. She could be here and they had respite care if we crashed and need relief.

The cat and dog really took a liking to Mom and will be excited to see her come back.

This will be another chapter in Mom's life, and the last one.

The hospital bed, bedside commode, hospital tray holder and one other item arrive tomorrow.
Mom arrives the next day.

We have a three day Holiday Weekend to get all settled.

Here we go!


  1. Both of my parents stayed at home with us while being helped also by Hospice. They were wonderful to us. They answered any questions we had no matter how many their were. They made sure Mom and Dad had everything they needed which meant so much to us.
    We got so close to one lady that she took her vacation to be with us the last week of Dads life. She called for months just to talk to Mom and see how she was doing.
    They were so helpful and caring.

    1. Thanks for your encouraging comments. We will learn a lot through this process with Mom. God works with hospice, too, which adds to the comfort. apj

  2. Hospice was a blessing when Lola passed. I meant to ask about your Mother when David and I were there today. Blessings and prayers for you. You're a wonderful son and a wonderful doctor. I am grateful for the care we receive from you.