Sunday, May 3, 2015

Family Medicine: Refreshing and Expanding Our Voice Through Direct Primary Care

I love doing Family Medicine!  I am me when I do Family Medicine.  I could not have found a better career choice for me to have my voice.  My career values, goals and dreams are fulfilled when I do Family Medicine.

I made a choice that helped me find my voice.  Having that voice has enabled me to help others to find theirs, to be who they are by having their health and knowing that they matter.

Sinister forces that I've blogged about from time to time are trying to take away my voice.  I've quested to protect my voice as a Family Physician.  

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is one way to keep, refresh and enhance my voice.  

I offer DPC to new patients which offsets the piles of useless administrative drivel that bombards me as a Family Physician daily.  On that side of the practice, I do more and more and more to be paid less and less and less.  It's not sustainable.  So it will end sooner or later.

The insurance companies, government initiatives, the pharmaceutical industry, electronic medical records and non-payment of claims have negatively impacted my ability to help people to have their health and better align with their values, goals and dreams.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) development inspires physicians to find a path for patients to be able to pay their own way for family medical care.  There are imaging and laboratory companies willing to deal at a much lower price point than is publicly posted.  There are specialty physicians willing to care for patients who personally pay for their services.  Etc.

As deductibles soar for patients, they will realize that a DPC practice will cost less than their deductible and maybe help them not to meet their deductible by more cost-effective care and decisions made with their DPC Family Physician.

We can help the medical profession to get beyond the risk of becoming "Statin Sluts", by bypassing the paradigm of over-management of medical decision making and "bonus based" practices that are bankrupting America shamelessly.

Direct Primary Care is one answer to protecting our voice, or finding it again.  DPC offers a more direct relationship between patient and physician with more time to practice medicine and align with both patient and physician values, goals and dreams.

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  1. Great Post and Nice Article.I like it.Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. Great Post! You have captured the essence how why the specialty of Family Medicine dovetails so well with the model of DPC. You have also verbalized in a very clear way how our patients can benefit from a DPC Family Physician! Thank you.