Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Pain News and Blog Reviews; Christmas with Autism -Weekly BTR Show

Hi Folks,
On my weekly Dr Synonymous Blog Talk Radio Show I covered several issues, drank coffee and encouraged people to come to the Bluegrass Jam at the BellHOP Cafe in Bellbrook this Saturday 7-10 PM.

I don't know enough about autism.  There is so much to know and so much still missing.  I'll push ahead with more learning.  You may also wish to know more, so I reviewed four sites with autism information and one mother's blog post about Christmas over the years with her son Matt.

Pain News, Family Flu, Christmas with Autism on The Dr Synonymous Show

Last weeks show covered different topics:

MTHFR, B Vitamins, EMR, Clinical Decision Making, Grief at Christmas on the Dr Synonymous Show

A link to the show is always available on this blog site, too.  You have to have a google ID to get into the site, though.

More next week on the Dr Synonymous Show.

(Over 200 shows are archived on iTunes so you can listen to me a lot, if you are so inclined.)

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