Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Non-Compliance Soon to be Top Diagnosis

Within three years, the top diagnosis in EMR's will be non-compliance with medical therapy or dietary therapy or exercise recommendation, etc.  (My opinion)  Patients and physicians are now trapped by the Electronic Medical Record.  The plan of care must include the recommended therapies for the diagnosis or the physician loses bonus potential.  There must be proof that the medicine was prescribed and the pharmacy dispensed it or the physician and/or the pharmacy may lose quality points or bonus dollars.  Just watch.

Information Technology tightens the system and decreases choice.  We used to be forgiving about patients that would sometimes decide not to fill prescriptions or sometimes decide not to take the medicine when they did fill the prescription.  Often, their judgement may have been better than ours as we came to realize.  Over time, we got to understand each others perspectives as our patient-physician relationship developed. Physician and patient learned how to honor each other's judgement.  The quality of the relationship depended on it.  IT initiatives now risk the patient-physician relationship, a central aspect in the quality of health care. The patient has to align with the "Patient Centered" decision of the EMR protocol that aligns with "quality".

Unless they want the diagnosis soon to be number one: Non-Compliance.

What's "Patient Centered" about that?

What do you think?

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