Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Direct Primary Care: Not for Everyone

If you are FED UP, CONFUSED or CURIOUS with the health care dilemma, Direct Primary Care (DPC) may be for you.  Pay for your Family Physician yourself.  And, generally, save money.  If you're not FED UP, CONFUSED or CURIOUS Direct Primary Care is probably not for you.  It's not for everyone.  Don't worry, either, only two practices in the Dayton area offer DPC, so you may not be able to try it.

In DPC, patients generally pay an enrollment fee, and a membership fee monthly (In Ohio, this has to be at the end of the month).  Other fees may arise for labs or imaging services and more complex procedures like office surgeries.  Each practice seems to vary from its neighbor somewhat.  It's up to them to provide the patient with a list of services provided.

Direct Primary Care IS NOT INSURANCE!  It is health care.  And it's not for everyone.

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