Friday, February 28, 2014

Family Medicine: Are We There Yet?

On the path to Family Physician heaven, a doctor paused for a well child check-up, an end of life discussion with a 91 year old and her daughter, a person with facial pain from sinusitis, a boy with a rash on his elbows, a new mother with her infant son and three year old daughter- all with fevers and diarrhea, a pastor with a cough and tuberculosis exposure, a senior citizen needing travel clearance with resolving shingles, a thankful woman who was coming out of a dark depression with medication, a man who snored so bad he was sleeping on the couch, a truck driver recovering from low back surgery in need of examination and clearance to return to work, a woman whose twin 28 year old sister had just committed suicide, a grandmother with insomnia after caring for her twin one year old grandchildren for three days while their mother had surgery, and lunch.

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