Sunday, January 5, 2014

DPC Ohio "Unsummit" Program Outline

The DPC Ohio "Unsummit" on Saturday January 18th in Columbus will be presented by physicians and business persons involved in Direct Primary Care, most of whom attended the DPC National Summit in St Louis in 2013.  The content will generally reflect similar issues and strategies that exist nationally.  Specific Ohio context will be included , but it's not a lot different.

Social Media will be used to supplement the learning at this meeting.  (A two may be online/Skype.)

Expect a working meeting with enthusiastic participants taking notes and asking questions.  DPC is one of the few bright spots in all of medicine at present.

Residents and Medical Students are welcome.  Same price. $75

Welcome and Introductions
What is Direct Primary Care?
Different Models of DPC
Micropractice/Independent Satellite DPC
Transitional Practice to Hybrid, to Pure DPC
Pure DPC
Network Model
Vendor Panel: Relating to DPC Practices/ Movement

Nuts and Bolts
State regulatory Issues in DPC
Pricing and Payments in DPC
Marketing  DPC Services/ Practices
Transitioning : "Traditional" to "Hybrid"
Transitioning:  Leaving "Traditional"/ "Academic" to establish  a DPC "Hybrid"
Transitioning:  "Traditional" Group to "Pure DPC" Independent
Discussions will include
State, regional or national networks of DPC
- Setting patient expectations in the DPC model
- Marketing to patients and small businesses
-IT needs in DPC
- Dealing with being "out of network" (i.e. for referrals, etc.)
- Medicare law and DPC
- Insurance contract issues in DPC
- The academic needs of DPC: training and research
Closing Comments

A. Patrick Jonas, MD Hybrid Independent DPC Family Physician
President, The Center for Innovation in Family and Community Health

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