Thursday, November 14, 2013

75,000 Views: Thank You Readers!

Thanks, Folks for reading my posts.  I hit the 75,000 views milestone today.  I'll keep blogging, now that I'm warmed up.  I love Family Medicine and learning about how to help patients in a neighborly, affordable way.  It's not always easy in today's changing health care (non) system.  Writing about it makes it clearer and more meaningful.

We need more Family Physicians.  Currently there's no way we're getting many more, so American creativity is called on to make solutions.

Churches should get into health care locally as one strategy.  Cable TV has to be used in the care of some chronic/ stable diseases, too.  Phone apps, texting, patient controlled medical records, etc are other ideas to stir the pot of better health at lower costs.

We will have to crank up our mutual problem solving strategies to "Bend the cost curve" in the short and long term.  Otherwise, "The Beast", delivers more bankruptcies to our communities and the hole gets deeper.

Being a Family Doctor is still fun, challenging and rewarding.  I love it and I enjoy writing about many aspects of the doing and teaching of it.

I'll be writing more about Direct Primary Care as one of the solutions to the health care financial mess.  Likewise, I'll write more about the power of the human spirit that I see in patients, their families and health care workers every day.

Humans were given a sense of the sacred and a quest for meaning that helps Family Doctors a lot.  As we quest together to understand our humanity and our Creator, let's remember to be neighborly and show our care for each other and our appreciation for God's mysteries.  Onward, together, we can get through the transformation of healthcare.  Humans in teams and tribes can help each other.

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