Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Direct Primary Care National Summit: WOW!

What a great group of people gathered in St Louis for the Direct Primary Care (DPC) National Summit, October 11-12.  A vast array of perspective and experience was represented in an effort to focus some of the energy of this movement and share information.  It felt pretty successful.

While DPC is way more vast than this meeting of 170 people, the energy of DPC seemed present.  The variety of DPC practice models could only be superficially represented in such a meeting, but the attendees got a flavor for many of them.  They also heard about the challenging history of DPC through legal, professional and political battles since 2000.  Many of the "founders" of the DPC movement were present and more were not, but the stories were great from Garrison Bliss, MD, who was founding president of a few organizations that sought to define and protect DPC.

Creativity was overflowing in every session and even during the breaks from those doing or preparing or thinking of doing DPC.  Medical students from PA and NC were present to get in the "DPC" pipeline.  Residents were also in attendance, applauding the program and the movement.  Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners added their voice to the meeting with timely comments about teamwork.

Vendors seemed busy talking with all the participants who wanted to do DPC better.

It seemed to answer the needs of attendees as evidenced by their numerous comments during the Town Hall session at the end of the meeting.  They shared gladly, in general, but Dave Chase had to remind a few about how big the market is on the ground floor of DPC where we don't need vigorous competition...yet.
Listen to my review of the entire program as well as listing sponsors and  vendors.

Dr Synonymous Internet Radio Show: DPC Summit Reflections

More later.  Onward with Direct Primary Care.

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